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Whether our customers reach MASMIRE GROUP for our Business Line PCBA or Business Line Virtual Reality this is our duty to demonstrate our competitive advantage.


The long term profitability and the factors that determine it are the focus of MASMIRE GROUP. Based on these chooses, the investment made in our own factory in Dongguan is the concrete asset which drives us to the yearly sustainable growth.


Then come the strategy to be implemented in the competition around our business areas. MASMIRE GROUP relies on its motivated collaborators to bring each piece and make the defined strategy becoming true.


MASMIRE GROUP built its strength with Seriousness on the PCBA asset and kept Motivation while innovating on Virtual Reality has started.


MASMIRE GROUP is full of willingness and positive vision for future development in Shenzhen’s the fastest growing city like nowhere else in the world.

We are part of it this is our leitmotiv.


So you can rely on MASMIRE GROUP team and feel Confident when doing business with us.


You still not sure ? Let us send you sample and meet together !


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