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E-Shop Workflow
案例名称: Workflow
说明: MASMIRE GROUP customer service is organized for each Business Line in order to ensure satisfaction. Whether customer demands is for Sample or an important Quantity or a specific Design the workflow for the qualification remains necessary to be followed. Once the pre-requisite are fixed and agreed between the customer and MASMIRE's team the quotation is provided before approval and the launch of the Production.
案例名称: R&D team
说明: MASMIRE GROUP has built its development on a conviction: only strong research can create products that are capable of generating real results. The tendency is nowadays to share best practices. The structure shall fit to these requirements for successful innovation. Therefore, at MASMIRE GROUP, R&D is organized around two pillars: l One Collaboration : Build the production & teaching & design practice base with Shenzhen Information College – Guangdong Province and build the engineering master practice base with Huaihua College – Hunan Provincel Two Integration : Make it comes true and industrialize the innovation for demanding customers with an integrated R&D team to the MASMIRE GROUP organization
案例名称: Customed Design
说明: For each of its Business Line MASMIRE GROUP can customize every demand from customers and deliver on purpose design solution. Do It Yourself or let us Do It for You, this is our differentiation.
案例名称: Test Equipment
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