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E-Shop Business Product Line


MASMIRE GROUP currently proposes two Business product Line.


1) Virtual Reality and Game Pad Controller (VR)


The first traces of virtual reality came from the world of science fiction.


VR has never been through for real during 50’s 90’s despite some experiences coming from technique.


However last decades made it come real with frequent major step going forward. Identified as, VR for Virtual Reality, AR for Advance Reality or MR for Mixed Reality the expansion is promised to be a breakthrough is several usage for eg.


·  Education and training

·  Video Games

·  Entertainment

·  Architecture and Urban

·  Medical and Science

·  Media (video and picture)



2) PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly)


Development of the methods used in modern printed circuit boards started early in the 20th century.


Originally, every electronic component had wire leads, and the PCB had holes drilled for each wire of each component. The components' leads were then passed through the holes and soldered to the PCB trace.

This method of assembly is called through-hole construction


From the 1980s small surface mount parts have been used increasingly instead of through-hole components; this has led to smaller boards for a given functionality and lower production costs.


Today, usage of this technology is in our daily life for eg.


·  Household

·  Power tool

·  Industrial

·  Medical

·  Stepper Motor


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